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Définition : ville d'Angleterre; comté de Yorkshire, sur la route romaine ouest de Lindum / Lincoln à Eburacum / York, entre Danum / Doncaster et Calcaria / Tadcaster.


Extrait de la carte Ordnance Survey : Map of Roman Britain.




A. Lagentium : selon Rivet & Smith, p 383 : 

- Itinéraire d'Antonin, 4756 (Iter V) : LEGEOLIO;

- Itinéraire d'Antonin, 4787 (Iter VIII) : LAGECIO; variante LAIECIO;

- Ravenna, 1078 : IAGENTIUM; LAGUENTIUM.

The form Lagentium seems the best. Lagecio of AI approaches it if we allow for two simple changes : c for t, as often, and n at some stage represented by an abbreviation (a stroke over the preceding letter) which was subsequently overlooked.

DERIVATION. Jackson in Britannia, I (1970), 75, regards the name as unsolved, though he thinks it might relate to early Welsh llain ' (sword-)blade', ' (spear-) blade', hence, with *-io- suffix, perhaps 'fort of the swordsmen (or spearmen)'. This seems reasonable. The name is not connectcd with that of the Aire, on which the place stands; this, though not directly known to us, was probably *Isara in Ekwall's opinion. Several Continental names listed by Holder II. 121 have Lag-n- and could be relevant : Lagina > Leine river (a tributary of the Aller, Germany), Lagnis (A.D. 632) > Laigne (river of Charente-Maritime, France), Lagania (TP) = Laganeos (AI 1423) in Galatia; in Ireland Lagina / Lagena > Lein-ster, first mentioned in Adamnan's Life of St Columba I, 2, and a Lagenotus terra in the same text. To these Williams adds several later Welsh names.

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman fort at Castleford, Yorkshire.


B. Castleford : selon Ekwall, p 89 : Ceasterford 948 ASC (D), Casterford c 1130 SD, Castreford, Castelforde 1155-8, YCh 1451. 'Ford by the Roman fort'. Ermine Street here crosses the Aire. The Roman station of Leogeolium was at this place. See Ceaster.



* Eilert EKWALL : Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names.

* ALF RIVET & Colin SMITH : Place-names of Roman Britain.

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