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Définition :  Angleterre; comté de Durham; Autrefois la forteresse romaine Vindomora, en appui du Mur d'Hadrien, côté est.


Extraits de la carte Map of Roman Britain, par Ordnance Survey



Étymologie :

A. Vindomora

* Rivet & Smith, p. 502 : 


- AI 4644 (Iter I ) : VINDOMORA

DERIVATION. For *uindo-, see VINDOBALA. The second element is (if AI's entry is to be trusted) the plural of British *mori- 'sea', for which see MORICAMBE. As mentioned under MORIDUNUM(1), this word could apply to inland waters, though it is documented only of extensive ones; if it is present here, it would apply to a broadening of river-waters or to a small lake. Ellis Evans in GPN 233 accepts this as a *mori- name, but if this is too strained semantically, it is possible that there was a British equivalent to Gaulish *mori- 'fanum, temple' (GPN 103, 232; by allusion only); or such a word could have been imported by Gaulish troops. It is always possible that a name recorded in a single source, as here, is corrupt; one notes, for example, that even such a well-known city as Vindobona (Vienna) can appear in AI 233,8 as Vindomona, in ND XXXIV,25 as Vindomara, in ND XXXIV,28 as Vindomana, and in Jordanes as Vindomina, so that on such analogies a very different second element could be envisaged in the present instance. However, the probability is still that Vindomora 'bright waters' is correct. The man who was in charge of building a stretch of wall or doing repairs at or near Drumburgh, and who recorded the fact as Pedatura Vindomoruci (RIB 2053; A.D. 369?) has a name which presumably means ' man of Vindomora', or which is at least formed in the same way; for suffixes *-uc-io-, see CICUCIUM.

IDENTIFICATION. The Roman fort at Ebchester, Durham (NZ 1055).


B. Ebchester

* Eilert Ekwall : "Ebbecestr 1230 PNNb, Hebcestr' 1291 Tax. 'The Roman fort of Ebba or Ebbe'. Ebba, Ebbe, are side-forms of AEbba, AEbbe, which are well evidenced. CF. Ebony".

* A.D Mills : idem. OE pers. name + ceaster.

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